The Starstone Prophecies

Book 1: When the Wind Speaks

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When a surge of primal, living magic levels a mage tower and offers Dnara a chance to escape a life of slavery, she takes it and runs. When the unleashed magic catches her, it offers her a choice. A choice is made and a gift is given, but what one being considers a gift, another may consider a curse.

The lands of Ellium are dying. A blighting corruption born a thousand years ago spreads slowly westward, sowing seeds of chaos and despair. From simple farmer to gilded noble, none in the human kingdoms of Carnath and Orynthis can escape the blight’s touch. Crops rot in the fields, animals are disappearing and children are no longer being born. Desperate men turn hungry, envious eyes towards the unspoiled plateaus of the Orc’kothi tribes and the cloistered forests of the Elvan clans. The gods sleep while fate draws uncertain lines in the sand. War looms over the horizon like a storm carried by the wind, and the wind whispers a warning to those who can still hear it.

Book 2: Before the Stars Fall



Before the stars fall,
The fire’s rebirth will gleam.
A stone breaks the water,
And the earth, alone, shall dream.

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