When the Wind Speaks Chapter 6

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Retgar & the Dragon

And Retgar, fearless sun god and savior of man, came out of the Red City, following the line of the mountains east into Uriman where the great dragon dwelled. Retgar, his red beard bristled and keen eyes sharp, walked without fear nor hesitation, for his heart held true the reason for his quest. He took his mighty axe, its blade shaped by his brother Brodan in the forges of Thaldis Dar, and hunted the dragon from field to forest to mountain to desert. The dragon could not run far enough nor hide deep enough from Retgar’s blade, for the dragon had stolen what Retgar valued most in all Ellium.

The dragon had taken Faedra, Retgar’s beloved, and Retgar would end the whole world to take her back. But there, in the lands of Uriman, the dragon came upon Demroth. Together they conspired of Retgar’s end, for Demroth, too, had fallen in love with the fair Faedra. The battle to come would be fierce, for Demroth held a great magic, and the dragon could topple mountains in a single breath.

Lo there she wept, the fair Faedra, that such grief could be caused by love. From her eyes sprang the Indrisil Riverlands; at their heart, a pool of tears which ran bitterly salted and ripe with death: the Grey Marsh. She cried and begged the shadow lord Demroth not to use his magic, but he could not be swayed. Her pleas fell upon the dragon, and the dragon saw a great truth revealed by the full moon.

When Retgar came to save his beloved, Demroth met him in the field. Demroth gathered his greatest magics about him, ready to strike. Retgar raised his axe and would not be moved. The moonlight glimmered along its blade and caught the dragon moving from the shadows in its reflection. The dragon struck, quick as the wind. It struck, not Retgar but Demroth.

Faedra cried in joy at the dragon’s betrayal. Injured beyond measure, Demroth faded into shadow to save what remained. Retgar, victorious, returned to the Red City. He carried with him Faedra and the powerful magics once hoarded by Demroth, now to be shared with all the lands. The remaining kingdoms rejoiced as Uriman sunk into the sand.

What became of the dragon, no one can say. Some say it  flew south, into the Elvan homelands. Some say it disappeared west over the sea. The truth lies with Demroth, forever trapped within shadows and lost to the wind.

Retgar’s Saga, Chapter 7
Verses 64 – 70

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