Romance Books List

Hello! Below is a list of my romance novels written under the pen name C.E. Kilgore. If you are looking for my fantasy series, The Starstone Prophecies, click here

Non-Series Stand Alone Romance Novels


The Stables
(Contemporary Romance With Light BDSM)

The best selling Stables series follows a group of friends as they explore aspects of life, love, mental illness and addiction. Set in small town Texas, this series includes light BDSM elements and various pairings including M/F, M/M, F/F and polyamory. Self-discovery is at the heart of these romance novels.

  1. All These Pieces of Me  (Free Book!)
  2. Obsessive Compulsion
  3. If You Still Want Me
  4. Pierce The Heart
  5. By The Horns
  6. Crows Don’t Sing

Welcome to Alvarado
(Contemporary M/M Romance)

Set in a small Texas town, this series starts with Sam as he returns to his home town to discover things aren’t quite as he remembers them.

  1. Right Back Where (Free Book!)
  2. Unwelcome Home
  3. In The Wind

Corwint Central Agent Files
(Sci-Fi Romance)

The first four books are free! Follow the Corwint central government special agents in daring rescue missions, spy operations, planetary liberation, trade negotiations and interstellar relationship exploration. The series begins with Ethan, an android unlike any other, as he comes to grips with unexpected emotions when his crew takes on a new mysterious member.

  1. Ghost In The Machine  (Free Book!)
  2. To Even Have Dreams (Free Book!)
  3. According To Plan (Free Book!)
  4. Whispers From Exile  (Free Book!)
  5. Awake My Soul
  6. Unbound Instinct
  7. Tracing The Stars
  8. Terms For Surrender
  9. Violet Haze
  10. Breathe Into Existence
  11. Promise The Stars

Heart’s Compass
(Post-Apocalyptic M/M Romance)

Where do you want to be when the world ends? Electricity is gone. Society is on its knees. The heart’s compass becomes the light in the darkness.

These are novella length stories.