The Story

What one being calls a gift, another may call a curse.

For fifteen years, Dnara has been a slave to her keeper. Collared and isolated within a mage tower, her only knowledge of the outside world came from books snuck out of the tower’s vast library, and disjointed memories from a childhood long forgotten. When the mages unleash an uncontrollable magic, a chance at freedom is offered. With nothing to lose, Dnara grasps onto it for all she’s worth and runs. Thrust into an unknown world beyond the forest boundary, she quickly learns that not everything you read in books is true, and that desperate men in a dying world will do anything to hold onto what little remains.

Blight is spreading throughout the world of Ellium, corrupting all it touches. Crops are festering, livestock is dying, and children are no longer being born. In barren fields, desperation grows, and the prayers of men go unanswered by silent gods. The king of Carnath hastily burns blighted fields as rumors of war with Orynthis escalate. The Orc’kothi keep to their mountains, and the Elvan remain secluded behind Lath’limnier’s Wall. All the while, like Demroth’s shadow, the blight advances across the land unchallenged.

The wind speaks. Dnara hears it. The shadows answer.

When The Wind Speaks, The Starstone Prophecies  v.1, coming soon!

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